Actual Existence of All That Is, and a Primer on its Manipulation
and Makeup.

                                                   Act II

Strings of Existence

      Strings of existence (or Absolute Progression Through Existence) account for the
multiple independent Truths and Realities that make up the Absolute.  These strings
form collective and individual paths that make up the Absolute.

      Something to understand about the Absolute is that it only follows its own laws.  
There are no theories or questions in the absolute.  The Absolute is strictly Truth and
Reality.  This might start to get a little weird, if you have lasted this long.

      The strings of Truth and Reality (T&R) can be simultaneously independent of all or
any other strings, and intertwined with all other strings.  Even in this duality it is only
one string.  If there is another identical string, then that second string is simply a
different string.

      Now, say I am a string and you are a string.  We too,probably, are made up of
multiple strings.  Therefore whatever we are is part of the Absolute, lest we not exist.  

      Now if in my consciousness I imagine that there exists a planet in Earths solar
system made out of nothing but powdered sugar then, so long as my consciousness
exists in the Absolute, the powdered sugar planet exists in the Absolute.  However, it
only exists as an imagined entity; it does not exist in Reality. This holds True for all
theories and laws of man.  The Theory of Relativity only exists as a theory.  The Laws
of Thermodynamics exist only as laws.  They are not Truths (unless they incidentally
happen to be) that make up the Absolute, they are parts of the truth.

      Now there is a paradox.  How can these untruths be within the Absolute, if the
Absolute is made up of T&R?  Simple.  The Absolute is not like a military unit, where a
company is made up of platoons and platoons are made up of squads (fig 5).  The
Absolute is only made up of T&R.  It is T&R that are made up of other things.  Truth
must have all that is true, and Reality must have all that is real, but they may very
well contain other stuff as well (fig 6 and 7).

Fig 5.

Fig 6

                                                                              Fig 7

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